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Welcome to Progrotech - 2024


Andy Thomas is known for work in the field of synthesizers, music and visual arts technology, aiding musicians and media producers with emerging technologies for use in recording, stage and theatre projects. Having worked in recording studios in the UK, USA and Japan, Andy provided soundscapes for artists and equipment manufacturers needing conventional and unusual sonic textures.

Andy shares his knowledge with students of music technology, and lovers of music who may have learning difficulties, dementia or memory, vision or hearing problems. Within a cosy home studio environment visitors can get to work ‘hands on’ with a collection of keyboards, computers, digital drums and hand percussion, plus acoustic and electric guitars. Instruments and voice can be heard through studio quality microphones and excellent monitor loudspeakers (see Graham Audio LS 5/9 and Harbeth (HHB)).

Affordable hourly/daily rates are available with discounts for multiple bookings.

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A picture created in ArKaos by Andy Thomas depicting a tree made from rays of light.

Audio Visual Services - Sound Design, HD 3D Graphics

Band/event logos with HD video textures; per song bespoke or off the shelf 'busking' visuals for HD projection.

Keyboard & Synthesizer Sales, VJ, MIDI and Audio product applications and training Tutorials are available as single sessions or weekly courses.

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